Is your iPhone missing a Button?

BellyButton brings a whole new experience to iPhone
with Interactive, Animated, Giggly fun... from the first tickle!

BellyButton has a variety of beautiful Hi-Res "Skins" and infectious "Giggles".
Would you rather tickle a six pack or a hula girl?
Our favorite is the totally silly... Navel Orange.

Fun at parties! Share with friends!
It's certainly a conversation starter...
"Wanna see my Belly Button?"


- 7 "Skins" - (Innie, Outie, Beer Belly, Six Pack, Hula Girl, Hairy, Navel Orange)
- 5 "Giggles" - (2 Male , 2 Female and Toddler giggles included.)
- Roulette Mode - For the Fart lovers out there.. . where too much tickling will get you one.
- Vibrate switch
- 100% Lint Free

Which BellyButton are you?
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It might seem awkward at first... but go ahead... don't be shy... tickle your iPhone!
Version 2.0
Price: $0.99
"BellyButton is a fun app and definitely an attention grabber!" -
"pointless, bizarre, and strangely amusing" -
"Pure Genius" -